How to Create Email Template in Gmail - Canned Responses in Gmail

Email Templates in Gmail
To save the time and your effort used canned responses in Gmail. Once you receive other companies email save their templates as canned responses and use it as your own templates. Which saves your time and give you lot of other facilitates to use same email design. Using canned responses give you frequent replies and same strategy of using same design helps the receiver give best usability to read your response.

  1. Login to your Gmail Email.
  2. Go to setting and go to Labs.
  3. Scroll to Canned Responses in the List select enable canned responses.
Hence you can create a canned response enable. Lets learn more on this website on how to used canned responses and Creating email templates in Gmail.

A simple and easy tutorial provided by to give you ease on how to use email templates and canned responses in Gmail.

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- Monday, October 10, 2016

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