TDM Time Division Multiplexer

Perplexed with TDM [Time Division Multiplexer], Kindly quote a real life example to illustrate TDM & DeMultiplexer

In Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) a medium or a channel is accessed by many users in such a way that it is shared with every user by allowing each to use it for a particular time. Just like a Class room which may be used for different subjects or different classes based on the timetable that from this time to this time the x class will be held in this room and then the y class for next time slot. In TDMA the time is in fractions so that it is assumed in real life that all users are using the medium at the same time.

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Time Division Multiplexing

  • Sharing of signal is accomplished by dividing available transmission time on a medium among users.
  • Digital signaling is used exclusively.
Time division multiplexing comes in two basic forms:
  1. Synchronous time division multiplexing, and
  2. Statistical, or asynchronous time division multiplexing.

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